This typing test says I can type 78 wpm.

I wonder how many I can type when I’m angry..

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It’s that time of year again


I hope all of you make it to where you wanna be in life.

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dear neurotypical people who think they know everything about mental illnesses because they took one basic psychology class in high school or college: shut the fuck up


Chris Ramsey calling out Katie Hopkins for her views on fat people.





Andrew Wakefield, the doctor who claimed there was a link between autism and vaccines, changed the data of his research and falsified his documents to prove his theory. He was banned from practicing medicine and labeled an “elaborate fraud” in 2010. Source


always amazes me that a lot of folks don’t know this and still site his “work” as truth.

Some more tidbits from Wakefield’s Wikipedia page:

- Andrew previously tried to argue a link between the measles vaccine and Crohn’s disease, a type of inflammatory bowel disease. I guess it wasn’t alarmist enough for his tastes and his claims never caught on.

- Andrew was being personally paid by lawyers litigating against MMR vaccine manufacturers as he conducted his studies attempting to link these vaccines to autism.

- Ten of his twelve co-authors published a retraction of their findings.

- He was found to have applied for a patent on his own brand of measles vaccine before his research linking existing measles vaccines to autism. His own research found no such link as he developed this vaccine.

- His treatment of child patients was nothing short of abusive. As many as three people were sometimes needed to hold a child down as Andrew carried out his procedures, which included colon biopsies and lumbar punctures (“spinal taps”). His nurses left in disgust of such treatment. One patient was left with life-threatening complications.

- He paid children for samples of their blood at his son’s birthday party.

The whole wiki article is worth reading.


Being an MCR fan is all fun and games until you have to tell someone in real life that your favorite band is My Chemical Romance

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