Here are some recent Napkin Doodles for my kids’ lunch boxes.

parenting goals



I was watching some prison documentary, like I always do and I had the idea of writing an inmate. Preferably someone serving a life sentence or on death row. That way I don’t have to worry about anything creepy after they are released. Then again, why put myself in that position?

Idk, just a…

I would definitely recommend getting a p.o. Box for your letters to be sent to. Then it is safe and you’ll make someone’s day.

I never thought of that. I mean, I knew it was an option but it never crossed my mind when I posted this. If I didn’t already know this person I’m writing now, in my personal life I probably would not give him my address. I just feel they’re rotting in prison, yes for a crime they committed and yes they need to be punished, but I believe that people can change and not all people that lie, kill, cheat and steal, lack remorse. 

Again, just a thought but I’ll look into the cost of a PO box.

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Oh, my boss suspended me last week for three days. I wasn’t at work for a total of five days but two of those were my days off. Unpaid, of course.

"the only way you’ll understand is if I hit you in the wallet.."

k wait..

My reports aren’t detailed enough.
Okay, I understand. But didn’t you just get on my ass a few weeks ago because they were TOO detailed? I just can’t win with these crazies.

I’m back to work but looking for another job. I need something during day after I get off at 9. I’ll be killing myself but it’s temporary.


Please never judge anyone based on what they are going through or the pain they deal with daily. You never know what someone actually feels on a daily basis. Everyone is different and even when it comes to dealing with similar issues, people can be feeling things differently.

All I know is, every…

Just because we can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there.


Sometimes I look at my baby and still can’t get my head around the fact that I made her and she grew inside me and this time last year she wasn’t even the size of a banana and I can’t ever imagine my life without her now.

Babies really are miracles ☺️


Nothing on earth compares to the feeling I get when I come home from working overnight, crawl in bed, and my husband rolls over and wraps his arms around me and pulls me close. The snuggle sesh may not always last very long, but the warm and snuggly and oh so loved feeling lasts all throughout my day. ❤️


being bipolar sucks major ass