Parenting is a constant game of, “I DON’T KNOW WHY YOU ARE CRYING.”


Photography Project Features Badass, Beautiful Women in Wheelchairs
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So happy to have our carrier back! Never forgetting it anywhere EVER again.

I am in love with this.
The carrier, your faces, the baby..everything
I’m melltingggg

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by Gemma Capdevila





ppl from california who never stop talking about california…..and in n out burger….and weed…..and the beach…..like…….speed up those tectonic plates and just become an island already….no one cares

someones jealous! dont forget our epic forests,…

We never know the love of a parent till we become parents ourselves.
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anxiety has got to be the worst fucking thing ever

Admitting you have a mental illness or an addiction is not a sign of weakness. It takes so much strength to ask for help and that makes you amazing.
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you are allowed to not be ok.
you are allowed to have no idea what the fuck you’re doing.
you are allowed to cry all day.
you are allowed to have days where you want to die, or days where apathy overwhelms you.
all that matters is that as soon as you are able, you pick yourself up, shrug your shoulders and get on with your life, because it’s all that you have and you deserve to have it all.


Lilly stopped taking a bottle and formula at 11 months. She stopped taking a paci around 9 months. She doesn’t have anything that is “hers” Nothing that really comforts her other than me. She’s very attached to me. That’s fine but I just don’t know if that’s normal?

Isaac rarely takes his paci, still takes a bottle, and has a blanket that he rocks back and forth with. He doesn’t really like to eat unless he’s feeding himself. Which is fine but not everything he gets is finger food. Some times he won’t eat at all unless he give him a bottle.

I guess what’ I’m saying/asking is, I see a lot of kids who suck their thumbs, carry toys or blankets and/or have a paci or bottle after 1 year+. Should I just let him have it until he’s over it? Or stop the bottle today cold turkey? The blanket doesn’t bother me. I’m more worried about the bottle. Is that something that should be weaned or should I just let him do it when he’s ready? Honestly, I’d rather let him do it on his own because I don’t want to force him out of his comfort zone. He’s only a year. JUST a year as of today.


*dispatch meeting*

me: yeah it’s like really cold at night, maybe we could turn the air up a notch?

boss: too bad where a jacket

me: *thinks* but I do..

*comes in the next night, a/c is turned down 3 degrees*